Samuel is eighteen and has spent the last four years of his life in an institution, struggling with night terrors. In what he can remember of his nightmares, someone is always murdered.

Abandoned by his parents, and released from the institution, Samuel faces the world alone. With nowhere else to go, he turns to Calvin, a childhood friend. Aware of Samuel's condition,

Calvin tries to help him start a normal life.

Unfortunately, Samuel's parasomnia worsens, compelling him to investigate the past. He then discovers someone from his dreams actually


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Kenneth G. Beason has won two national writing competitions, writing screenplays based on his own original stories. 

existed, leading him to believe his nightmares are the memories from previous lives.

But Calvin has something Samuel could never have anticipated . . . a paperback novel . . . entitled, "The Journeymen Diaries."  Within its pages, Samuel finds his nightmares, written in vivid detail.

Convinced the author is an incarnate, Samuel sets out to find the writer, to stop him, before anyone else is murdered.